Association for Computing Machinery NIT Surat Student Chapter
About Us
Founded in 2005, the chapter has been a centre for various learning, fun, and productive activities. Be it coding challenges, hackathons, quizzes, or application development, the chapter has done its best. The activities of the chapter are widely acknowledged in the institute and keenly looked for. Massive turnout at every event shows the range of popularity the chapter has.
The bar is being raised year after year. With announcement of Epiphany, CTF! in Quest, and other challenges as open-for-all contests, the chapter is aiming nationwide recognition.

What is ACM?

It is an International Learned Society for Computing. It has its chapters in various institutes. NIT Surat ACM student chapter is one of them. ACM brings together computing educators, researchers, and professionals to inspire dialogue, share resources, and address the field's challenges.

Why join ACM?

1. Access to leading edge Publications
2. Professtional Networking Experience
3. Discounts And Special Offers on books
4. Access to ACM Digital Library - a huge collection
5. Focus on Job Target Career and Chance to organize and volunteer large scale events