Association for Computing Machinery NIT Surat Student Chapter

ACM NIT Surat's Android App *

Details : This project aims at building an android app for the chapter, having the following features: a)Details (area of expertise) and contact info of the current and previous committee members b)Implementation of a notification system of upcoming events and workshops c)A suggestions tab where students can suggest events and workshops and give ideas on improving ACM d)A query page where students can ask questions related to workshops, events, or any programming concepts in general.

Pre - Requisites : Basic knowledge of Android and Java.

Difficulty : Medium

Mentor(s) : Deepanshu Sharma

Improve this Web Site *

Details : This project aims at improving the web site for the chapter, including but not limited to redesign, feature addition as implementation of client-based notification of upcoming events, improving page load speeds, a better and fool proof "Contact Form" and similar features. Feel free to suggest something that you may like to have changed.
We would like to shift to python structure, get your ideas/suggestions heard

Pre - Requisites : Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Bonous Points : Have programmed earlier on the beckend, knowledge of system admin panel, like cPanel or similar

Difficulty : Medium +

Mentor(s) : Deepanshu Sharma

Simpler information upload mechanism *

Details : Current data update policy for the Web Site involves logging into cPanel for access to server, and then changing each and every file. A better visualized system would require a minimal login through the home page, an event type, a layout selection and data to be filled in making the job of Web Developer easier and making the process decentralized.

Pre - Requisites : Basic knowledge of JavaScript and PHP.

Bonous Points : Have programmed earlier in JavaScript, some live project to show, good proficiency in Python

Difficulty : Medium

Mentor(s) : Deepanshu Sharma

A blog for each of the committee members,[memberAlias]/ *

Details : It will be easier and faster for Juniors and others to get in touch and it will also help in promoting the motto of the Chapter to disseminate knowledge and increase involvement in Computing. Current ongoing work is happening at leaf (at a snail's pace maybe). You may want to help there.

Pre - Requisites : Basic knowledge of PHP, version control systems.

Bonous Points : More than sufficient proficiency with Linux, knowledge of git-scm or similar

Difficulty : Hard

Mentor(s) : Deepanshu Sharma

Set up a mail server, and a mailing list for the chapter *

Details : Simple, quick and easy method to mail all the participants of an event. No more digging into all the records.

Pre - Requisites : Knowledge of System Administration, Linux

Difficulty : Easy

Mentor(s) : Deepanshu Sharma

* - indicates a project yet to be undertaken
All these projects will be publicly available in sub-directories of ./projects folder. The source code shall be licensed free and open.
Want to propose a project, drop an email on, or want to start at one, contact the respective mentors.